Working From Home When You’re in the Do Your Kids Watch Too Much Mobile? Industry

One of the most common complaints on the part of parents these days is that children are starting to watch a lot of mobile phones. The use of mobile phones has increased in the last few years.

In the past, internet access was available to very few people due to its high cost, but now almost every other phone has access to the internet due to cheap packages from mobile phone companies. Disadvantages of using too many mobile phones.

Research has shown that children who use mobile phones a lot have emotional and psychological problems. Such children get angry very and have a very low tolerance. If you have symptoms in your child.

Keep the child away from the mobile without wasting time. If the child is not taken care of in time, these problems become serious over time and destroy the child’s personality. One of the main causes of obesity in children is more mobile. It has also been observed that when children use mobiles, they stay in the same place for a long time, thus affecting the physical development of children and they become obese and this obesity is different in children.

Causes diseases. The rays emitted from the screen of the mobile phone have a very bad effect on the eyes of children and the eyesight of children becomes weak. How long should children be allowed to watch mobile? The US agency AFP has published the following recommendations for children. Children under the age of 18–1 month should not be allowed to use mobile phones at all, but sometimes video calls are not a problem.

Children between the ages of 18 and 24 can be shown standard videos that help them learn, but time is of the essence. Children between the ages of two and five should be allowed to use mobile phones for one hour a day, but parents should make sure that they are standard and free of violence.

There is no set time for children six years of age and older as their mobile usage time can be fixed according to the mental capacity and needs of the children. What measures should parents take? Keep an eye on children what kind of programs they are watching on mobile phones. Prevent children from watching violent and immoral content at all costs. Explain to children not to share any personal information with anyone.

Immoral And harmful websites should be blocked — Parents should give their children time to talk to them in a good environment Let me know volume_upcontent_copysharestar_border.



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